Please read this section if you have:
  • Suffered one or multiple miscarriages.
  • Experienced previous pregnancy complications and difficult labour.
  • Experienced stillbirth.
  • Have family running genetic disorders or disease (e.g. haemophilia, malformations, mental retardation, chromosomal translocation, etc.)

Sometimes it is easy to become pregnant, but something goes wrong during the pregnancy. A miscarriage occurs, the fetus may die at an advanced stage of pregnancy, or die at birth or within a fortnight of birth. Doctors tend to see the reason as an unfavourable combination of blood groups of the couple, or in various diseases that the mother suffers from during the pregnancy, etc.

gender selectionTo prevent such cases, we will determine your individual conception terms, so-called "GOOD VITALITY" days, when you will succeed with healthy pregnancy, which has previously ended tragically.

Unfortunately, such terms tend to occur rather scarcely, sometimes only 2 times a year and there may even be a year without any. The couple has to keep to the naturally infertile days until the "GOOD VITALITY" day occurs. These optimum terms are so rare because we take into consideration not only the vitality of the fetus (child) but also the possibility of easier course of the pregnancy and the delivery. If conception happens at an unfavourable time, it does not necessarily lead to tragedy. There are many cases when the children were born healthy despite the fact that the term was considered bad. The rules of the Mother Nature are still a big mystery to us. On the other hand, every time the "GOOD VITALITY" day is chosen, a healthy baby is conceived. (Dr.Jonas himself has the blood group A1 Rh+ and his wife has O Rh-. Despite this fact, they have 11 children, all of them born without any complications and in excellent health).

We can recommend the "GOOD VITALITY" days not only for conceiving a healthy child if the previous pregnancy ended up tragically, but also for conceiving mentally and physically well developed children if there is some kind of genetic disorder in the family.

The instructions are identical with those for the Infertility with the only difference that the red (highly fertile) days, which are suitable to conceive a healthy child, will be marked as "GOOD VITALITY". The intercourse should happen one day before the so-called "good vitality" day ONLY but also during the other two (2) preceding days which combine the 3-day period preceding such "good vitality" days.

After the pregnancy, which can be confirmed by a specialist in the 2nd or 3rd month, the naturally infertile (non-conceiving) days are used to prevent another conception (it was proven that even so an exception is possible). One shouldn't rely upon the last menstruation record. Menstruation may not occur due to pathologic reasons and it does not mean that the woman is pregnant, or otherwise, the woman may become pregnant and the bleeding may still occur up to three times after that. It is recommended to consult with a gynaecologist at any time to verify a pregnancy.

Please read the instruction in the section HOW TO.

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